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What Is Cash App Bank Name and Address – [Direct Deposit]

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The Fintech Cash App has become the go-to platform for sending and receiving money and investing in Bitcoin. It has features like direct deposits and a Cash App Card that works just like a debit card. This makes many people wonder if the Cash App is a bank. Well, it is not a bank but has two partner banks that allow people to set up direct deposits through the app. Now, you may ask what is Cash App bank name. The platform partners with Lincoln Savings Bank and Sutton Bank. The former manages the direct deposits of customers, while the latter issues Cash App cards.

In this post, you will discover more about these banks.

What Is Cash App Bank Name and Address?

Sutton Bank is the more prominent bank partner out of the two for the Cash App. Although Lincoln Savings Bank supports the direct deposit feature of the app, it isn’t as prominently mentioned in the new terms of service updates from the Cash App.

Now that you know what is the name of Cash App bank, here are the key details about it.

  • Name of the bank: Sutton Bank
  • Address of the bank: 1 S Main St. Attica, OH 4807
  • Name of the bank: Lincoln Savings Bank
  • Address of the bank: 508 Main, PO Box E, Reinbeck, IA 50669

What Is Cash App Bank Name for Direct Deposit

It is not really necessary to know the name of the Cash App bank. However, you may benefit from knowing the name in certain situations. To find your Cash App bank name, you should know your routing number. Follow these steps to find both of these things.

  • Open the Cash App on your device or Smartphone.
  • After logging in, tap the ‘Banking’ tab.
  • Scroll down a bit. Choose ‘Transfer & Deposit.’
  • Next, choose ‘Direct Deposit.’
  • in the next screen, you will be able to view your routing number.
  • Copy this number and use the search engine to find the bank name. Now you know the answer to the question, what is the bank name for Cash App as per your direct deposit?

POINT TO NOTE – After you set up direct deposits, you can get upto $25,000 per direct deposit and up to $50,000 per day. The deposits are available the moment you receive them. Only the first deposit can take a slightly longer time, depending on your employer.

Enable Direct Deposit through the Cash App from the Banking Tab

To enable direct deposit, you can either find your routing number as mentioned above or use the ‘Banking’ tab. Follow these steps to configure direct deposit with a payroll login.

  • On your Cash App’s home screen, hit the ‘Banking’ tab.
  • Next, choose ‘Direct Deposit.’
  • Touch ‘Get Started.’ It will be below ‘Automatic Setup.’
  • Find your employer. After that, go by the instructions.

Steps to get a direct deposit form

In order to get a direct deposit form, follow these instructions.

  • Navigate to the home screen of your Cash App on the Smartphone.
  • Tap on the ‘Banking’ tab.
  • After that, touch ‘Direct Deposit.’
  • Choose the option ‘Get direct deposit form.’
  • Enter all your key employer details.
  • Next, input the amount of money that you desire to deposit from every paycheck.
  • You can now sign the form.
  • After that, choose ‘Email form.’
  • Input the address of your recipient, and after that, hit the ‘Send’ button.
  • Now when you tap ‘Get direct deposit form,’ you will be able to view the entire direct deposit form. This option will be present on the ‘Banking’ tab.

Time That the Cash App Takes to Get Direct Deposit to Your Account

By now, you have an answer to the question, What is the bank name for Cash App direct deposit? You might want to know how much time it will take till you get direct deposit to your account. Fortunately, the app does this very quickly.

Your direct debits will be available in your Cash App account in one to five days. In a majority of instances, these deposits can come two days earlier than regular banks. But if you’ve been waiting for a week and still haven’t received the deposit, connect with Cash App customer support.

Summing up

Hopefully, this article has cleared your query what is the name of the bank Cash App uses. The app is not a bank by any means. Your direct deposit on the Cash App is associated with Lincoln Savings Bank or Sutton Bank. Contact a Cryptocashapp expert to learn more about it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Cash App bank name?

Cash App outsources its key banking functions to Lincoln Savings Bank and Sutton Bank. The former is related to the prepaid debit card or the Cash Card offered by the Cash App. On the other hand, Lincoln Savings Bank supports the direct deposit functionality of the app.

What is Cash App bank name on Plaid?

Plaid supports the Square Cash App. With this service, you can link your bank account to an app. To connect with Plaid, the Cash App uses Lincoln Savings Bank.

What is the name of the bank for Cash App?

Primarily, the name of the bank for the Cash App is Sutton Bank. It issues the Cash Card. Lincoln Savings Bank is a less visible banking partner that deals with the direct deposit of customers.

Can I call the Cash App a bank account?

No. Cash App isn’t a bank, but a financial platform. It offers debit cards and banking services through Sutton Bank and Lincoln Savings bank.

Is the Cash App mobile banking platform?

Cash App is not a bank or a financial institution. It is an app that facilitates peer-to-peer payment through a mobile device. To transfer money, users need to have an active bank linked to their Cash App account.

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