does the Cash App have a clearance fee

Does the Cash App Have a Clearance Fee – Find the Answer

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The Cash App from Square offers many paid and free features to users. Since it’s an app facilitating financing transactions, users often get confused if they need to pay a fee to complete the transaction. The Cash App does charge a specific percentage of money for certain services. This has led many users to wonder does the Cash App have a clearance fee.

A simple answer is that there’s no clearance fee to exchange money or request a payment. The Cash App charges a small fee for instant deposits and credit card payments. This makes many users confused about the actual Cash App fees and the clearance fee. This article will provide you with in-depth information about whether there’s a clearance fee associated with the Cash App services.

What Is a Clearance Fee?

Clearance fees are for finishing transactions by a third party. This small fee is on the overall payment charged to complete a payment or a trade. You will find banks, brokers, and customs using it.

This fee also pays for record keeping, liquidity, technology, and accounting. The broker will pay the clearance fee to the professional clearing member, who will assist him in settling the trade with exchanges.

Cash App Fee to Receive Money

Cash App does not charge any fee to receive money. You will not find it charging any money for its basic services. These can be sending money from a linked bank, using your account balance or a debit card.

But for instant money transfers, the Cash App fee will be 0.5% to 1.75%. There is also no monthly or yearly fee that Cash App users need to pay. Similarly, the foreign transaction or inactivity fee is also not there.

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Scenarios Where the Cash App Charges a Fee

Although the Cash App does not charge any fee for sending or receiving money or requesting payment, there are three scenarios where you will be charged a nominal amount. It is because of these three cases that many people get confused and assume that Cash App have a clearance fee.

Cash App will only charge you in the following three instances:

  • Instant transfer or cash out to your bank account – If you wish to send your balance on the Cash App to your bank account, you will need to pay 1.5% of the total transaction amount. But if you wait for some days to complete the transfer by opting for the standard transfer option, you can avoid paying this fee.
  • Transferring money through a credit card – If you plan to deposit money to your Cash App account via a credit card, get ready to incur a fee of 3% on the entire transaction amount.
  • Exchange Bitcoin via the Cash App – The Cash App facilitates selling and buying Bitcoin in the app. If you prefer to use it to buy or sell Bitcoin, you will incur a fee as per the existing price of Bitcoin in the market.

POINT TO NOTE: If you use Cash App’s free debit card, or Cash Card to withdraw money, the app will charge you a $2 fee on them.

A Word About Cash App’s Clearance Fee Scams

Cash App has all the features for customers to send money safely to other credible persons. However, there are many scammers who promise big things to people only to steal their money. You must avoid getting trapped into the following scams.

  • Cash flipping and clearance fee scam: In these scams, the fraudster claims to ‘flip’ your money and promises to increase it when you send them some cash. As expected, they don’t do anything in return when you send them the amount.
  • Payment claiming scam: A scammer may ask you to claim a payment you ‘deserve.’ The way to do it, according to them is to send them money. So, if you get a request to claim payment and get free money, don’t trust it.
  • Puppy/pet deposits scam: In this scam, a fraudster will claim to have an upcoming litter. They will request a deposit to get a puppy. They post fake pictures, do not talk over the phone, and offer to sell purebred, highly coveted animals at very low rates. You must not transfer money to such an unknown person promising to give you something a few days later.

POINT TO NOTE: You can reach out to Cash App service representatives to learn how to reach out through the app to get help. Visit the Contact Cash App page to connect with the representatives.

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Concluding Words

Hopefully, now you will no longer wonder “do Cash App have a clearance fee?”Cash App is a legitimate and safe application. It clearly provides all information regarding its fee and other charges. Nowhere does it mentions any clearance fee. While using the app, be mindful of encountering unknown people, as they can turn out to be scammers. Use the app to exchange money with trustworthy individuals. If you need more assistance, contact a cryptocashapp expert.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.    What is the sugar daddy scam related to the Cash App clearance fee?

In the Cash App clearance fee for a sugar daddy scam, a fraudster contacts a Cash App user, claiming to be a sugar daddy. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, and Craigslist are popular sources through which they contact you. These people promise to offer lots of cash in return for a small clearance fee. But they don’t offer anything once you send them the money.

2.    I got scammed on my Cash App. What should I do?

If you have become a victim of a scam on the Cash App, start by canceling the payment. After that, request a refund and dispute your transaction. Report it as a scam and also report the scammer’s account. Also, alert your bank about it.

3.    Why is a person asking for my email on my Cash App?

Cash App will not send you any emails about clearance fees to receive payments. If you get an email asking for a clearance fee or inquiring about your email, do not respond to it. Instead, you can report the matter to [email protected].

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