Easy Solutions for the Cash App Payment Pending Problem

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The Cash App has become the go-to app for money transfers today. However, users do encounter issues using it, one of which relates to pending payments. It is common to find Cash App payment pending or stuck when you make a transaction. Some common causes for it are internet problems, server issues, unconfirmed sender, and a flagged account.

But you can fix these reasons easily and make your payment get past the pending stage. You can also cancel a pending payment. In this post, we will explain to you how to fix this common Cash App payment issue.

Why Is A Cash App Payment Pending

The Cash App payment gets stuck in the processing phase due to the following major causes:

  1. Weak internet
  2. Cash App is down
  3. The sender has an unconfirmed account
  4. Your account has security issues
  5. Your Cash App does not have the latest updates.

9 Ways to Fix Cash App Payment Pending Problem

You should be somewhat familiar with the nature of this problem by now. So, take these steps to resolve your pending payment problem.

1. Check your internet

Your internet must not be working slowly. Take a speed test to check the signal strength. If it is slow, restart network devices, which include your modem and router. Network difficulties are the major cause of Cash App payment pending. You can fix this problem quickly if you boost your internet’s speed.

2. See whether the Cash App is down

The next step, if your connection speed is good, is to check whether Cash App is down today. Go to the status page of the app, and you will find out whether the servers are working or not. If they are under maintenance, wait until they start working again and then check if the payment shows a pending status.

3. Verify your account

It is not possible to send or receive money with an unverified Cash App account. So, check whether you have such an account using these steps.

  1. On Cash App, touch your profile.
  2. Then navigate to ‘Security & Privacy.’
  3. Go to the ‘Identity verification’ section.
  4. Here, select ‘Verify’ if it’s not chosen and complete the steps you see on the screen.

4. Update the app

Have you installed the latest version of the Cash App? If not, the Cash App payment pending problem can be its result. Go to the App Store or Play Store as per your device and get the latest Cash App updates. After installing them. Find out if the payment gets cleared.

5. Check your account’s balance

You may wonder why is my Cash App payment pending if there is insufficient money in your account. So, check the existing capital and find out if it is enough to send the required amount of money. You may need to transfer some money from your bank account to the app.

6. Cancel the payment with the pending status

You can also cancel the payment that is showing pending and clear this error. Follow these pointers.

  1. Open the app and log into it.
  2. Now, open the transaction history by tapping the clock symbol.
  3. Next, touch the pending transaction, which you will find below the ‘Pending’ header.
  4. Tap the three horizontal dots symbol, and after that, touch ‘Cancel.’
  5. Tap ‘Yes’ on the message that shows.

7. Accept the pending payment

You may also accept the pending payment in some cases. Do it if you see the message ‘Cash App payment pending will deposit shortly.’ This message means that your payment will reach the completed stage within one or two days. Use these instructions to accept a pending Cash App payment.

  1. Tap the clock icon on your Cash App.
  2. The transaction history will open.
  3. Touch the pending transaction, which will be under the ‘Pending’ header.

Enter the amount to accept and hit the ‘Accept’ button

Final Words

Now, whenever you face a payment pending problem, you know what to do. It’s essential to ensure good internet and whether you have sufficient money in your account. Also, your account must not have experienced any suspicious activity. If you want to learn more about this problem, contact Cash App support.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a pending payment take to complete on the Cash App?

A pending transaction does not take more than two days to get completed on the Cash App. You can clear this transaction by canceling it. Alternatively, you may resend the money later on.

Why has my Cash App payment not been received?

If you have not received your payment on the Cash App, check your internet connection. Also, find out if the servers of the app are down. You must also check if your account is verified on the app.

How much time does the Cash App takes to finalize a payment?

The funds on the Cash App are available instantly to the user. If the payment has not been finalized yet, check your activity feed and adhere to the steps you see there.

Can I send $5,000 through my Cash App?

It is possible to send $5,000 via the Cash App. You can do so by verifying your account. Note that you cannot send $5,000 in a single day after verification. You can send it $250 every day until it becomes $5,000.

Are pending transactions a part of the Cash App balance?

Pending transactions are not included in your Cash App balance. The balance only consists of the funds you have for fresh transactions.

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