Money from Cash App to Apple Pay

How to Transfer Money from Cash App to Apple Pay

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Apple Pay and Cash App figure at the top of the list of the most-used mobile payment apps. Did you know that you can utilize the Cash App to transfer money to Apple Pay? Although there’s no way to directly connect the two apps, you can surely transfer money through a few ways. If you’ve got a Cash Card, you can easily connect the Cash App to Apple Pay.

The connection can be established via the Apple Wallet or the Cash App. This article will give you all the details about transferring money from your Cash App to Apple Pay.

3 Methods to Transfer Money from Cash App to Apple Pay

There are various ways to exchange money, from the Cash App to Apple Pay. The chief methods to transfer money include the following:

  • Use the iMessage application to send money from Cash App to Apple Pay.
  • Add Cash App to Apple Pay via the Cash Card.
  • Add Cash Card to Apple Pay via the Apple Wallet

1. Use the iMessage application to send money from Cash App to Apple Pay

The iMessage application enables easy exchange of money from Cash App. Know how to transfer money from Cash App to Apple Pay through the Messages app on the iPhone.

  • Open the iMessage app.
  • After that, touch the ‘Apple Cash’ icon.
  • In the succeeding screen, choose an amount. It should be between $1 and $10,000.
  • Now, your recipient will view a text message about the transfer.
  • When the recipient confirms the transfer, they will need to tap the ‘Pay’ button.
  • That’s it; the money has been exchanged.

2. Add Cash App to Apple Pay via the Cash Card

You can also add Cash App to Apple Pay through your Cash Card. Here is the process to adhere to.

  • Launch the Cash App on your iPad or iPhone.
  • Now, touch ‘Cash Card.’
  • After that, choose the symbol of the Cash Card.
  • Hit the ‘Menu’ option saying, ‘Add to Apple Pay.’
  • Use the directions you see on the succeeding page.
  • In the end, it will verify or confirm your Cash Card being added to Apple Pay.
  • You need to hit ‘Done’ present at the end of the screen.
  • This will finish the process.

3. Add a Cash Card to Apple Pay via the Apple Wallet

Adding the Cash Card to Apple Pay can also be done through the Apple Wallet. Through the Wallet app on the iPhone, you can easily move money from your bank account to Cash App. Learn how to add Cash App to Apple Pay and exchange money.

  • Launch Apple Wallet.
  • Hit the plus icon on the top-right part of the screen.
  • Next, touch ‘Credit or Debit Card.
  • Click a picture of the Cash Card or enter the card numbers manually.
  • Use the steps on the screen to finish the setup.
  • Go back to your Apple Wallet.
  • Preview the Cash Card that appears to confirm that it is successfully added.
  • Tap the Apple Cash Card.
  • After that, touch the ‘More’ button.
  • Choose ‘Transfer to Bank.’
  • Input the needed amount and hit ‘Next.’
  • If you want a fee-free transfer, choose ‘1-3 Business Days.’
  • Otherwise, you can also select the option of immediate transfer.

POINT TO NOTE: The option for immediate transfer is best if you are worried about security or don’t desire to wait for three days.

  • Verify this action through touch ID, face ID, or your passcode.
  • Now, open the Cash App and hit the ‘Money’ tab.
  • Hit ‘Add Cash.’
  • This will confirm your amount.
  • Touch ‘Add.’
  • Verify it with your Touch ID and PIN.

How Much Does Transferring Money from the Cash App to Pay Cost?

You will be surprised to discover that the cost of transferring money from Cash App to Pay is not high. To benefit from a smooth money-sending process, you should have a bank account accepting Apple Pay.

Link the bill, and after that, add money. Once that’s completed, you will see the funds in your Cash App wallet. If you do use Apple Pay, prepare to wait for about 1–3 days to receive money.

But it’s not the case with instant transfers, which can be accomplished in a few minutes. However, remember that you can only send an amount of not more than $20,000 per week.

For a single transaction, you can transfer an amount of up to $10,000.

What Is Better Between Cash App and Pay?

Both these payment apps facilitate seamless peer-to-peer payments. However, they are also dissimilar in various aspects. Here’s a quick comparison of the Cash App and Pay.

  • Apple Pay is only supported on Apple devices. But you can use Cash App on Android and Apple devices.
  • Apple Pay and Cash App are free to download and offer various transaction types. However, the Cash App provides more services like investments and crypto, which is not the case with Pay.
  • Both apps facilitate mobile payments through the smartphone.
  • Apple Pay is only limited to the US, but the Cash App provides its services to UK and US users.
  • Credit and debit cards are available through the Cash App and Pay.

How Much Time Does It Take to Transfer Money Through Apple Pay?

You can easily send money to an Apple Pay card by following the right steps. It involves linking your bank account to the Cash App.

Enter the correct routing and bank account numbers and confirm the transaction with Face or Touch ID. That’s it. Now, wait patiently till you receive the money.

The majority of the time, the time for sending money from Cash App to Pay depends on the amount. If you opt for instant transfers, you will get the money within 30 minutes. But if your bank account doesn’t qualify for this type of transfer, wait for a couple more minutes.

Additionally, it is important to activate your Apple ID’s two-factor authentication.

Concluding Thoughts

This article gives you a detailed explanation of how to transfer money from the Cash App to Pay. Now you know the different ways to send money and the cost and the time that this process consumes. You can consult a Cryptocashapp expert to learn more about it.

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