How to Get a Refund on Cash App in a Few Steps

How to Get a Refund on Cash App | Complete Guide

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Cash App is a feature-rich platform to exchange and withdraw money. It’s a great way to make quick payments and even purchase digital assets like Bitcoin. However, what if one day you become a victim of a scammer on the app?

In such a case, you might wonder how to get a refund on Cash App. Before you feel concerned, let us tell you that it is possible to get a refund on this platform. However, you must also remember that getting your money back after giving a refund request is not guaranteed.

This is because the app is primarily used to send money. It does not concern itself with issues caused by money transfers. Keep reading to find out the process to get a refund here.

Steps to Request a Refund on Cash App

It is easy to request a Cash App refund from the user to whom you sent money. You can also contact the individual and request that they begin the refund process.

On your part, you must choose the ‘Refund’ button on the Cash App home screen. After that, follow the onscreen prompts. If you’ve contacted the person you’ve paid money, request that they do the following:

  • Hit the ‘Activity’ tab present on the Cash App’s home screen.
  • Choose the payment.
  • After that, press the three dots symbol.
  • Choose the ‘Refund’ option.
  • Next, touch ‘OK.’

Does the Cash App Refund Take Time?

Now that you know how to get a refund on Cash App, you may be wondering how long this process takes. If your recipient is kind enough to agree to return your money, the refund is pretty quick.

The moment your recipient authorizes the refund, you will get your cash back into your account. Remember that if you transferred money via a debit card, the refund process can take a longer time.

More specifically, this process will finish in three days after your recipient returns the refund. If you can cancel a payment before it becomes due, you will get your cash quickly, provided you sent it through your Cash App account.

What to Do If the Recipient Refuses to Send a Refund?

Have you requested a refund, but your recipient has refused it? Well, its likely that you’ve encountered a scammer. Now you may ask how to get a refund on Cash App if scammed. In this case, you don’t have many options but to submit a dispute.

Here’s how to dispute a Cash App payment.

  • Access the home screen of the Cash App.
  • Once there, click the ‘Activity’ tab.
  • Choose the necessary transaction.
  • After that, click the three dots icon at the top-right part of your screen.
  • Choose ‘Need help and Cash App support.’
  • Finally, click ‘Dispute this transaction.’
  • Once the dispute is filed, the Cash App support will evaluate the claim.
  • They will soon connect with the recipient refusing to pay the refund.
  • They will keep you updated about the progress of your dispute.

NOTE – You can only dispute a payment where you were double-charged or the recipient charged you the incorrect amount. If you sent the payment on your own accord, you could not seek help from customer support, only submit a dispute.

Other Options to Get Money Back on Cash App if Scammed

Payments in Cash App are instant. So accidentally sending money to a scammer is never pleasant. But there are some options that can come to your rescue. If you are asking how to get a refund from a scammer on Cash App use any of the following options to report the fraud.

1. Cancel a pending transaction

In Cash App, although transactions occur within seconds, you can cancel them if you are alert. If you know that a transaction is suspicious, try canceling it using these points.

  • Firstly, sign in to your Cash App.
  • Hit the clock symbol present on the top-right part of the app’s screen.
  • This will make you view the recent activity.
  • Find the transaction you want to cancel.
  • Now, find and tap the cancel link.

NOTE: If the cancel link is not there, it means that the transaction has been finalized.

2. Ask for a refund on Cash App

If you are sure that the money you’ve sent has not gone to a scammer but a trusted person, ask them for a refund. You already know how to get a refund on Cash App as it has been explained in detail in the preceding sections.

3. Report the fraudulent transaction as a scam to Cash App

There’s also another way to deal with a scammer. You can report the problem as a scam to the Cash App.

  • In your Cash App account, click the ‘Profile’ icon.
  • Now, click ‘Support’ followed by ‘Report a payment issue.’
  • Choose the scammy transaction and adhere to the points on your screen.

4. Contact your financial institution

If you’ve been scammed and the transaction involves your debit card or bank account, connect with your bank immediately.

After that, act on the instructions of the bank representative to safeguard your account from security breaches. Your bank representative can also tell you whether you can file a dispute for this specific transaction with your bank.

5. Connect with credit bureaus for freezing your credit

Sometimes, the scammer takes control of your Cash App account. In such a problematic case, your financial information becomes highly vulnerable.

The most reliable solution would be to freeze your credit. Do so by connecting with the major credit bureaus. This action on your part will hinder the scammer from opening fraudulent accounts via your credit.

6. Report to the police and file an FTC complaint

Another option will be to file a police report if you’ve sent money to a scammer. Dial the number of the local police department. If you are in the US, do not use 911.

Explain the whole situation to the fraud department. Apart from that, you can also file a US Federal Trade Commission complaint. Note that getting a refund for using these options isn’t fully guaranteed. You can only hope to receive it after implementing these steps.

Points to Protect Your Cash App Account

There are various ways you can secure your Cash App account.

  • Don’t share your Cash App password and username and your bank data. No one from Cash App will ask you for these details.
  • Use two-factor authentication to protect your account.
  • You can use an authenticator app to enable it.
  • Turn on the security lock in the Cash App. Since this lock needs a passcode for payment, it is useful if someone steals your device.
  • Enable payment alerts in the form of emails or messages. Through it, you will always be updated about payments coming out of your account.

Concluding Thoughts

You can take steps to request a refund on Cash App but remember that no method is foolproof. Cash App gives no guarantee of refunding users who mistakenly give money to scammers. Use the different options in this article. Hopefully, you will get a refund using any one of them. Consult a Cryptocashapp expert if you need more advice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1.    Why won’t Cash App get me a refund on a fraudulent transaction?

The transactions on Cash App are very quick. This means that you don’t have much time to request a refund if a scammer takes your money. Also, the platform is a money exchange platform. It has no responsibility to take care of the problematic transactions.

2.    Can I receive a refund on my Cash Card payments?

Use the different methods mentioned here to request a refund on credit card purchases. Apart from them, you can request a refund from a retailer or report your Cash Card as lost. To dispute a recent purchase, connect with the merchant first so they can try refunding the payment.

3.    What will happen if my money is refunded on Cash App?

The money will be returned to your Cash App balance quickly after it is refunded. If the money was sent from a credit card, the funds would go to the sender’s card. Refunds sent to a debit or credit card will not take more than five business days to arrive.

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